art & society - jul/aug 2013

by Jonathan Wright


Photography by David Vernon

We were on the hunt for mystery and adventure, something out of our comfort zones, something remote and untouched by human development. When we finally located this hidden treasure, it was everything we’d imagined.

A Feast for the Eyes

by Gabrielle Balzell

Whether canvas, paper or plate, each can inspire in its own right. Because when it comes to art, creativity knows no bounds… not even in the kitchen.

Really Wild Art!

by Gabrielle Balzell

Besides serving as ambassadors in interviews and at special events, close to two dozen animals at Peoria Zoo can tack on the title of “painter” to their resumes.

A New Taste of the Old

by Reema Abi-Akar

Instead of hopping a plane to another country, central Illinois residents can pile into the car and travel back in time at Sommer Park’s Pioneer Days!

Golf… For the Game Ahead!

It’s a game that tests your strength and mentality. It requires a great deal of precision. And it’s something you can enjoy throughout your lifetime.

Take 10: David Vernon

In 1975, David Vernon picked up his first semi-serious camera—a Pentax Spotmatic—and he’s been hooked ever since.