art & society - sep/oct 2013

by Gabrielle Balzell

Looking to investigate the re-emergence of the martini locally, CIBP oh so begrudgingly filed out of the office and into the bars, searching for three of the best martinis in town. This is what we found…

Canines Dressed to the Nines

by Reema Abi-Akar

Most dogs are content with a bowl of food and a lot of love. What some owners actually give them, however, can be considerably more. A number of specialty stores help dog owners pamper their animal friends to their hearts’ desires.

Haunted Peoria

by Gabrielle Balzell

Whether a bump in the night or a whisper in the wind, our minds are quick to shrug off startling sounds and happenings. But what about that noise you can’t explain? Is there a logical explanation… or could it be a ghost?

A Guide to Glassware

Nearly all of the glassware stored away in your cupboards functions to heighten the flavor and maintain the integrity of specific drinks.

There's Something About Galena

by Scott Berman

Galena, Ulysses S. Grant’s hometown during the Civil War outbreak—and the historical significance of the northwestern Illinois city.

Take 10

Partners in marriage for 26 years, Joe and Linda Couri can often be found photographing the people, events and landmarks of central Illinois.

Time Away for Mind and Body

by Teri Cook

Whether here in central Illinois or on a beach a thousand miles away, don’t forget to take time to escape.