art & society - may/jun 2013

by Jonathan Wright


Photography by Doug and Eileen Leunig

Since its days as a “wide-open town,” Peoria has struggled with how to recognize its more controversial sons and daughters—and few have been as controversial as the late Richard Pryor. Long overlooked by his hometown, he’s arguably the most famous Peorian of all.

Paying It Forward

Great accomplishments don’t just happen, and vibrant communities don’t arise on their own. Hard work and dedication will take you far, but so often it’s the support and encouragement of others that is the “special sauce.”

Spirit of the Empty Hand

by Gabrielle Balzell
Photography by Greg Balzell

Much like Grand Master Robert Trias, an American martial arts pioneer, 23-year-old Adam Bockler of Metamora takes his discipline seriously.

Echoes of Color, Ever Exploring

by Jonathan Wright

Since returning to central Illinois in 2007, Jeremie Draper has worked hard to establish herself in the local arts community, all the while educating the public on her beloved art of glass.

A Broadway Odyssey

by Norm V. Kelly

From Corn Stock to Carnegie Hall, Bart Shatto has made his mark in Peoria, on Broadway and beyond.

A Brief History of Karate

by Adam Bockler
Photo by Greg Balzell

Karate’s roots can be traced back to roughly 500 A.D. and the Indian abbot, Bodhidharma. 

Butterflies and Blossoms

by Gabrielle Balzell
Photos by Deanna Frautschi

Connect with the environment and family while inviting some of Mother Nature’s most majestic creatures into your own garden.

Take 10: Stephanie McCarthy

An attorney by day and author by night, Stephanie McCarthy has made a lively career out of writing about the dead.