art & society - may/jun 2012

Keeping Koi

by Stevie Sigan

Koi enthusiasts fall for the colors, scales and fins, but it’s not all fun and fishes. Still, the time and toil required to keep up a koi pond is well worth the effort.

Reaching New Heights

by Jonathan Wright

She’s a painter, stone carver and sculptor working in fiber, bronze, paper, clay, wood and mixed media—“pretty much anything I can create something out of.” Having followed her art and found her life’s calling, the Delavan artist is one of the region’s leading vessels of creativity.


Reviving The Arts on Sheridan

by Sara Browning

When Steve Rouland and Jon Walker decided to transform the 22,000-square-foot Sunbeam Bakery Building into an art studio, they envisioned more than a simple showcase for creative work. 

Camp For Kids

by Jonathan Wright
Photography courtesy of the Peoria Park District

Think back to your childhood…when summers were big, blank canvases teeming with all the possibilities your youthful mind could conjure.