art & society - mar/apr 2012

A New Canvas for Sensory Landscapes

by Jonathan Wright

Changes large and small are afoot at the revitalized Peoria Art Guild. An exhibit coming in March, featuring the paintings and drawings of Peoria native Sarah Nesbit and the video projections of her friend and colleague, Lynda Wellhausen, will take place in its newly renovated upper gallery.

Your Brain: The Final Frontier

by Stevie Sigan

The images are a strange kind of beautiful—high-definition brain tissue scans of a kitten, rabbit, monkey and 60-year old man, among others, illuminated by injected proteins. They will be on display at an upcoming symposium at Bradley University.

Barbeque Kitten

by Jonathan Wright
Photography by Josiah D. Williams

"The best thing about improv is that no matter how bad your show is, it's only 30 minutes, and never exists again,” declares Mick Napier of Second City, a leader in improv-based sketch comedy. “The worst thing is no matter how good your show is, it's only 30 minutes, and never exists again.”


by Stevie Sigan

The tongue can distinguish it, but trying to describe it in words is another story.