art & society - july/august 2011

Tying The Ribbon On The Vinyl Resurgence

by Jonathan Wright

Records? They still make records? Why yes, haven’t you heard? Vinyl is back! In 2011, vinyl records represent a singular bright spot on the landscape of a music industry in shambles.

Lens Reflections

by Kaylyn Kuzniar
Photography by VGallery, DRAKEphoto & Kira Kwon

“Our relationships with our pets give us a comfort and energy that we don't really get from anyone else,” says local photographer Kira Kwon of Peoria Heights. Kwon, Kelli Drake of DRAKEphoto and Vicki Taufer of V Gallery share their advice on photographing pets.

The Fruitful Press

by Amy Chovan
Photography by David Vernon

The fruit of the olive tree, native to the Mediterranean, has been harvested and turned into oil since the fifth millennium B.C. The revered substance has represented wealth and power in various civilizations, and was deemed “liquid gold” by Homer.

CIAO Says Hello with Studio Tours

by Kelly Mantick
Photo by Doug Leunig

With seven spaces open to the public, the First Friday Studio Tour is the perfect opportunity to mingle with artists.

Take 10

A lifelong Peorian, Lindsey Reck has made her dreams come true at the young age of 24.