art & society - sep/oct 2011

Earth, Air, Water & Fire…To the Extreme!

by Amy Chovan

The ways in which we experience certain things in life depend a lot on what we’re doing. Take the four classical elements—earth, air, water and fire. We experience each of these things on a daily basis with scarcely a thought…but the more adventurous among us see a completely different side of these essential building blocks.

Beyond Sustenance

by Kristin Muckerheide
Photography by David Vernon

When Dusan Katic returned to the states from France, he was ready for more than a new career. He wanted to ignite a cultural revolution.

So Good, It Must Be Wicked

by Kelly Mantick

Bringing the wonderful land of Oz right to your doorstep, the Broadway cast of Wicked swoops into Peoria to deliver a show worthy of the Great Wizard himself.


Take 10: Channy Lyons

Channy Lyons researches and writes books and arranges exhibits and programs on art, nature, community and personal history.

The CCP’s New Program

by Kelly Mantick

The Country Club of Peoria offers a new membership program for socially inclined Peorians.