art & society - may/june 2011

Where Bruises Are Badges

by Kim Ranegar
Photography by David Vernon

By day, they are schoolteachers, nurses, servers in restaurants, and even a youth pastor. But when night rolls around, they roll as BoomBoom Pow!, Genghis Mom, Slay D Gaga, and more. They’re the Derby Dames of Peoria Push, but nobody’s pushing them around.

Walls as Canvas

by Kaylyn Kuzniar

Painted directly onto a permanent surface—a wall or ceiling, for example—murals typically incorporate the architectural and unique thematic qualities of the surface while creating the illusion of additional space in and around the given area.

Sweet Combinations

by Amy Chovan
photography by Dave Wilson Nursery

What do you get when you cross a plum and an apricot? A plumcot, an aprium or a pluot?

Take 10

Ten things you didn't know about Ed Szynaka, director of the Peoria Public Library.