art & society-may/jun 2008

Publisher's Note

It seemed like winter went on forever this year…but springtime has finally hit, and summer is just around the corner. And with the warmer weather, our thoughts drift away to the great outdoors. I’m no “outdoors-woman”—I don’t consider myself a true adventurer, gardener, fisherman, athlete, golfer or bicyclist. I would call myself more an admirer—a connoisseur, a spectator—of the outdoors, but I have at least tried to make an honest effort at many of these activities.

On the Hunt for Morels

by Amy Groh
Photography by Darrell Cox

mo·rel (mə-rěl')

n. Any of various edible mushrooms of the genus Morchella and related genera, characterized by a brownish spongelike cap.

River City Cycling

by Amy Groh
As a forerunner in the sport—with record-setting cyclists and advanced bicycle production—Peoria has had a huge impact on this great American pastime.

Around the World with Richard McKone

by Jonathan Wright
"They did the race 100 years ago to prove the reliability of the automobile. We want to prove that alternative fuels can be put into any car and make a statement for the environment."

Grandeur and Beauty

by Jonathan Wright
The Rediscovering Peoria City Hall Committee seeks to preserve the city’s “Grand Old Lady.”

Big Bugs Blast into Illinois

The praying mantis weighs in at 1,200 pounds. The giant dragonfly, with its 17-foot wingspan, hovers nearby. A trio of ants—each 25 feet long, 12 feet wide and 10 feet high—stalk the Illinois prairieland with spindly legs.

Cooking Up Chefs in Peoria

by Amy Groh
Photography by Nellie Gould and Bob Hunt
To keep up with the rapidly growing industry of culinary arts, South Side Mission and Illinois Central College offer excellent programs right here in Peoria for those with a passion for creating tasty masterpieces.

Blues in the Schools

by Jonathan Wright
photography by Rick Kessinger
Nationally acclaimed music educator Michael "Hawkeye" Herman brings the blues to Glen Oak Primary School.

Take 10

Some Peorians may be unaware that one of the most creative and brilliant literary minds of our time resides right here in the River City.