art & society - jul/aug 2008

Publisher's Note

A new word has recently entered the cultural lexicon—I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now—the staycation, a vacation spent close to home. With gas prices eating up your pocketbook and the best-laid air travel plans culminating in anger management classes, it’s no wonder this word has exploded in popularity.

Feathers in Flight

by Amy Groh
photography by Dennis Endicott and Sally Fenner
The correct term for those who spend every free hour of daylight at locations known to be heavily populated by birds is not birdwatching, but birding.

Focusing on Peoria's Spirit

by Amy Groh
photography by Nellie Photography
Two decades ago, the Spirit of Peoria riverboat first paddled its way up the Illinois River to Peoria, and it has been a regional landmark ever since.

High Tech Treasure Hunts

by Amy Groh
One of today's hottest hobbies, geocaching, brings together innovative technologies with a love of nature.

Join the Club

by Emily Zulz
Do you want to learn how to golf, but don’t know where to start? Here is a look at several area golf courses that offer instruction for golf novices.

Peoria's Unique Sweet Treat

by Amy Groh
The Spotted Cow, a business that began as a simple pushcart on Bradley’s campus, has grown into a Peoria favorite.

Lifting Spirits with the Gift of Song

by Sara Browning
photography by Bob Hunt
The Morton Civic Chorus sets itself apart from other singing groups by blending theatre with song to create an immense two-hour performance.

A Taste of Tuscany for Charity

by Jonathan Wright
The delightful five-course meal and wine tasting at Ponte Vecchio doubled as a fundraiser for the Peoria Area World Affairs Council.

Wrigley Replica Hits a Home Run

by Emily Zulz
Photography courtesy of Captured Memories Photography
Little Cubs Field is a near-exact replica of Wrigley Field located in Freeport, Illinois.