art & society-march/april 2008

Do They Have Coffee Shops in Peoria?

It was all I could do to keep from interrupting the two of them with a recitation of all the unique art and cultural activities happening here on a daily basis. While we can’t compete with the largest metropolitan areas, I do believe that our local arts community is tremendous for a town of this size—and if you read this magazine regularly, you are well aware of that fact.

Prairie Center of the Arts

by Amy Groh
Photography by Rick Kessinger, David Joel, and Cecil McDonald, with additional contributions from Prairie Center of the Arts

The Prairie Center of the Arts is an artist-in-residence program tucked away in Peoria’s Warehouse District, which provides artists uninterrupted time to think and create.

Irish Dance

by Amy Groh
Photography by Bob Hunt
Director Peggy Flynn Dwyer captures her students’ attention…passing on her love of Irish dance and appreciation of Irish culture.

Party Planning for Parents

by Sarah Cash
From mad science experiments to llama parties, here are some ideas to make your child’s next party an event to remember!

Take 10

Ten things you didn't know about David Commanday, music director of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra.