art & society - jan/feb 2008

A Celebrated Artist, a Common Thread

Jan Wright Vergon

While reading this issue, you may be inspired to dust off your old instrument and strike up a few chords—or, if you’re artistically challenged like me, seek out a jazz show and soak up the area’s musical talent! Perhaps it’s time to pick up your brush and paints or read that novel you’ve never had time for. Whatever you do, take advantage of a snow day and let your imagination run free!

Event Preview: Wings

by Amy Groh
A unique collaboration of dance, music and scenery soars into Peoria on March 1st.

Finding Jazz in Peoria

by Jonathan Wright
Photography by Bob Hunt and Ken Kiley, with contributions from John Philips, David Hoffman, & the Central Illinois Jazz Society
I set out to discover—to define—the history of jazz in Peoria, to “unlock the secrets” of a storied past.

Preserving Precious Moments

by Amy Groh
Photography by Nellie Gould
Photography is one of the most important parts of any wedding. Because it’s so important—and expensive—choosing the right photographer for the occasion is essential.

Warriors for the Literary Arts

by Katie Thompson
Meet the Aesthetic Underground, a literary group that provides an open forum for artists, writers, poets, thespians and others to express themselves.

Going Downhill

by Amy Groh
Photography courtesy of Ski Snowstar
Here are six “local” winter sports parks and resorts to look into, each targeting different types of skiers and snowboarders.