art & society - mar/apr 2007

Passion for Your Work

Jan Wright Vergon
It amazes me to discover performing artists who are equally as talented in the visual arts. My personal favorite, singer Tony Bennett—who I've seen three times in concert and actually bumped into in Mexico a few years ago—also happens to be a world-class painter. Local Renaissance man Preston Jackson, of course, is one of our finest jazz guitarists, in addition to his masterful work as a sculptor and painter. And you may be familiar with Dr. Jeffrey Hoover of Illinois Central College, who is a musician, educator and composer—but did you know he's a painter as well?

arts profile

by Jennifer Burns
Dr. Jeffrey Hoover has listened his way through life. From a young age, Hoover was fascinated with the sounds emanating from his record player. Now as Illinois Central College’s Associate Dean for Arts and Communication, the composer is able to develop an inspiration for music and other arts among his students and within the community.

cibp tour

by Jennifer Burns
Pizza has become America’s ultimate “go-to” food. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or having dinner for two, you can never go wrong with a large pie covered in a combination of toppings. For the young or veteran eater, pizza is a definite pleaser. And while all of those chain pizza places may satisfy your craving for a pizza pie, we wanted to take a slice out of Peoria’s hometown places.

the gourmet life

by Andrea Frampton
photography by Bob Hunt
Bob Eid, Sam Eid, George Eid and Duane Greer of One World Café are disciplined nonconformists—dedicated to improving not only their business but also the community around them. We tell the One World story from its beginning in 1993.

Looking Art in the Face

by Andrea Frampton
"Going under the knife" may become a phrase of the past for plastic-surgery seekers. For many noninvasive procedures, modern technological advances have almost removed the knife completely from the surgeon’s hand.

Marching Around the Globe on St. Patrick's Day

by Andrea Frampton
For many people, Saint Patrick's Day is the perfect opportunity to try out the Irish brogue that they’ve been working on for the last month or year. For other lasses and lads, it’s a day to become "Irish for a day," to dress head-to-toe in green and celebrate Irish culture.

Personal Chefs

by Andrea Frampton
More and more, personal chefs are being elected to combat the unhealthy lifestyles that today’s dual-income earners sometimes adopt. With tasty, healthy meals on the table in minutes and the kitchen kept spotless, who wouldn’t want a personal chef?