art & society - jan/feb 2007

What a Difference a Year Makes

by Jan Wright Vergon
At this time last year, art & society was still just a concept. We’ve come a long way in just a year! One can now detect the anticipatory buzz in the air as proud central Illinois residents eagerly await their next issue to see whose photos make the Social Scene. Check out the latest issue of art & society for a tour of central Illinois' finest soups, a profile of hometown artist Lonnie Stewart and a recap of the recent Ansel Adams exhibit at Lakeview Museum, plus much more!

arts profile

by Tori Phelps
He’s been entrusted with capturing the likeness and spirit of monumental figures such as Mother Teresa, Saint Jude, Pope John Paul II, Princess Diana and Ronald Reagan. He’s one of the most famous portraiture artists and sculptors in the world, and his home remains in the River City.

living well

by Andrea Frampton
There’s a certain aura and mystique behind a glass of scotch and a smoking cigar. Whether it be a single malt or a blended scotch, an Arturo Fuente or a thick Magnum cigar, what happens during their creation is somewhat of a mystery. The questions begin to ferment almost after the first sip or exhaled smoke ring.

the gourmet life

by Andrea Frampton
Now that the holidays have passed and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief, the upcoming months can be the prime time to host a dinner party for a group of friends and family or a romantic dinner just for two.

Ansel Adams

by Andrea Frampton
Photographer Ansel Adams captured his life’s passion, pristine American landscapes, in black and white. His children, Ann Adams Helms and Michael Adams, shared colorful memories of their father at Lakeview Museum’s gallery where Ann has unveiled a personal collection of 72 photographs taken by her father.

cibp tour

By Jennifer Burns

To warm you up when the mercury goes down, we set out to find some of Peoria’s must-sip soups.

Toeing the Line for Good Health

by Andrea Frampton
In today’s society, most people are looking to put their best foot forward when it comes to their health. With people living longer than ever before—life expectancy reached a record 77.9 years in 2004, up from 75.4 in 1990—many are finding additional health benefits with alternative or complementary medicine, like reflexology.