art & society - may/jun 2007

24 Hours in Peoria

Photography by Dr. Elsburgh Clarke
Text by Jonathan Wright

The beauty of photography lies in its ability to freeze a single moment in time. Photographs force you to pay attention. The camera captures that which is always there, but may have gone unnoticed.

Our mission was simple: to tell the story of 24 hours in Peoria, Illinois, a day in the life of the quintessential Midwestern town. To go from place to place and document those people who are working, playing and living in Peoria, and hopefully catch a slice of life that you don’t see everyday.

Just Your Cup of Tea

by Andrea Roth
From crepes and pastries to salads and quiches, a brunch provides a great opportunity to pamper friends but doesn’t have to require a lot of effort.

Love Around the World

by Andrea Roth
With the destination wedding trend booming, we follow one couple to the Dominican Republic for a tropical wedding and multicultural celebration.

2007 Junction City Art Fair

by Katie Thompson
The 2007 Junction City Art Fair which took place on June 2 and 3 was a wonderful event made even brighter by the backdrop of the newly renovated Junction City.

Digging Up the Basics

by Jennifer Burns

Before even breaking soil, a good gardener digs up a plan to map out the location of selected beautiful blooms. A few local nurseries offer some tips on what you need to consider before planting that first seed.

Take 10

The senior vice president of Wachovia Securities in Peoria has weaved an involvement with the arts throughout his entire life.