art & society - nov/dec 2006

Make the Memory Last

by Jan Wright Vergon
I’ve started to consciously look for ways to make each day special for family and friends, as well as myself. Recent tragedies remind us how important our time together is. Thought-provoking magazine articles and books like Mitch Album’s For One More Day ask how we would spend our time if we only had one more year, one more month, one more week, or one more day, which triggers my sense of priority.

arts profile

by Marcy Slane
With a 30-plus year history of playing together to the delight of many generations, Applegate & Co. has gone through many changes, but hasn’t forgotten its roots or lost its heart.

the gourmet life

by Marcy Slane
There's a multitude of traditional holiday desserts available right here in central Illinois, from festive holiday cookies to fruitcake, Challah bread, Springerles and Stollen, the Yule Log, and baklava.


by Jennifer Burns
photography by Julie Morales
These six locally-owned shops know what the fashion-conscious women of central Illinois want to wear. From the basics to the latest trends, you won’t have to travel to the big city . . . so stop by, and shop till you drop!

Coffee Talk

by Jennifer Burns
Love it or hate it, coffee has become a billion-dollar industry around the world, and some businesses in Peoria are cashing in on that powerful little bean.

Day-to-Day Color Solutions

by Marcy Slane
What colors are the walls in your home? Are you a basic white walls type of person, or do you like to play up your personality on these large, blank canvases? Sometimes a little color in your surroundings can change a lot in your life.