Peoria Magazine: November 2021

This year’s honorees are not only passionate about making our community a better place to live, work and play—they are committed to doing so in an inclusive way that brings everyone’s voice to the table.

Publisher's Note
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Leaders: Born or Made?

by Tiffany White, Dirksen Congressional Center

Great leaders embrace their natural traits while recognizing the environment that shapes them.


Funding a Sea Change

The U.S. Department of Education is awarding an $85,500 grant to the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship at Bradley University.

Leadership Is a Marathon

by Melissa Yoder, CLA

As you embrace opportunities in your career, remember that leadership is not a sprint.

The ABC's of Talent Attraction

by Michael J. Freilinger, Downtown Development Corporation of Peoria

A range of partner organizations are working together to attract, build and connect.


Take 10: Dr. Leslie McKnight

Ten things you didn't know about the director of community health policy and planning for the Peoria City/County Health Department...


Fruitful Artistry

by Mae Gilliland Wright

Peoria Grown collaborates with local artists to make their fruit stands stand out.

The Magic of Membership

by Jenn Gordon, ArtsPartners of Central Illinois

Memberships not only make financial sense, they connect you to others and to your community.