art & society - jan/feb 2016

by Chip Joyce

There’s a new beercade in town... and so far, 8 Bit really is playing in Peoria, as classic titles like Pac-Man (Mr. and Ms.), Burgertime, Dig Dug and many others have come roaring back to life at State and Water.

Full Circle with Marty and Dave

by Jonathan Wright

Back in the early ’90s, they were magazine publishers in the same city—with virtually nothing else in common. Their paths crossed but once and their stories are worlds apart, but life has a funny way of bringing things full circle.

Ever Forward: A Cosmic Voyage

by Maegan C.M. Gilliland

From the streets of London to Peoria's Warehouse District, Colt Sandberg is always pushing, ever moving.

A Heated Competition

by Stevie Zvereva

When it comes to chili, the only constant is the rivalry over its varieties.

Jan/Feb Arts Calendar

Just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn't mean there aren't great things to do indoors in Peoria! See what fun you can have in January and February!

Take 10: Marty Wombacher

A native Peorian, Marty Wombacher moved back to his hometown in 2012 after living in New York City for nearly two decades.