art & society - nov/dec 2015

by Stevie Zvereva

While most coffee today is roasted commercially and mass-produced, small-scale roasting is on the rise at specialty shops like thirty-thirty and Leaves 'N Beans.

Revealing Nature: A Bonsai Journey

by Jonathan Wright
Photography courtesy of Phil Nixon

A small rock rises toward the overhanging branch, the other side of the shallow dish balanced by the miniature trunk. Finally, I thought, our first bonsai tree—if only we can keep it alive…

The Man Behind the Chalk

by Heather Swick

What do Richard's on Main, Peoria Brewing Company and the Summer Camp Music Festival have in common? Each has showcased the elaborate chalk drawings of Devin McGlone.

I Can't Believe I Live Here...

by Norman V. Kelly

From Peoria to Colorado to New York City, award-winning author Aryn Kyle has taken the publishing world by storm.

Take 10: Moss Bresnahan

As CEO of WTVP-TV, as well as WILL’s PBS and NPR stations in Champaign-Urbana, Moss Bresnahan has devoted his career to public broadcasting.

Nov/Dec Arts Calendar

The holidays bring many great events to the Peoria area! Check out what's happening in November and December!