Spirited Sights and Sounds

I got a new puppy last month! He’s a gorgeous, playful little guy—loyal, loving and very outgoing—who’s already provided me with hours of entertainment!

Though I haven’t bought him an outfit yet, I’ve got some new ideas after reading “Canines Dressed to the Nines” in this issue! Yahoo Finance reports that consumer spending in the U.S. pet market will reach a whopping $62 billion this year; that’s up 4.7 percent over 2012. From designer bows to mini-bride-and-groom outfits (cute!) to nightly homemade meals, there appears to be no end to the lengths which doting pet owners will go to spoil their littlest family members. But for now, I’m content to take him on daily walks and watch him explore my newly-fenced-in backyard.

Seems like I blinked and the summer was over! We were thinking about fall activities and decided the Peoria Historical Society’s Haunted Peoria trolley tour would be a great way to spend a few hours. Our associate editor recently indulged her penchant for the paranormal, and in this issue, she reveals this more “spirited” side of Peoria. Whatever the explanation for the strange occurrences she writes about, you’re sure to have fun and learn something on the tour, which departs Kelleher’s at 1:00 every Saturday afternoon through the end of October.

If you’re still in the mood to “walk with the dead,” take the Historic Springdale Cemetery Tour, produced by Prairie Folklore Theatre the first two weekends of October. I’ve attended numerous times, and it’s always a fascinating walk through Peoria’s past in a beautiful, if eerie setting. To learn more about this unique event, visit prairiefolkloretheatre.com.

Perhaps, after being scared stiff, you need a stiff drink? Our staff recently visited several local establishments on a martini tasting tour… all in the name of research, of course! Try the spider-inspired White Widow at One World Café—an autumn favorite. And if you’re not sure why some cocktails are intended for particular glasses, check out our “Guide to Glassware” that follows.

Have you had a chance lately to get away from the grind? A wellness retreat might be just what the doctor ordered, or perhaps a weekend getaway to historic Galena is in the cards? In any case, enjoy yourself this fall, and email your ideas for future issues to info@peoriamagazines.com! a&s