art & society - Nov/Dec 2010

Of Trees and Tradition

by Kaylyn Kuzniar

One night, I heard a loud cracking noise. I hopped out of bed thinking the Grinch had slithered into our house and stuffed our tree into his oversized bag, just like he did to Cindy Lou Who. I tiptoed down the hall to catch the green monster red-handed.

Old-World Elegance by Hand and Stroke

by Amy Chovan

When alphabets were first developed, very few people knew how to read or write them. For a thousand years, writing was in the hands of specialists, whose emphasis on the decorative aspects elevated calligraphy to an art form.

The Family of Dan

by Jean Fogelberg
Photography by Eric Mills, David Vernon, and Joe & Linda Couri

In August, friends, family and fans of Dan Fogelberg came from all over the country for a series of events to honor the Peoria native. Jean Fogelberg, wife of the late singer/songwriter, reflects on a "magical weekend."

For That Special Someone

It seems that there is always at least one person on every list who is impossible to buy for. We asked a few local shops for some ideas for one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to surprise and please your Christmas list troublemakers.