art & society - sep/oct 2009

Swept Up in a Character

by Amy Groh
It’s about getting swept up in a character. It’s about living in a different time for an evening. It’s about stepping out of your life and enjoying the people you can become. All of this can happen by simply exchanging a pair of jeans for a Victorian gown, or a business suit for a Canadian Mountie uniform.

Tribe of Fire

by Jonathan Wright
The fire of Phoenix Underground is not to be feared. It is dance; it is meditation. It is rhythm; it is flow. It is a creative force.

Danse Orientale

by Amy Chovan
When you hear the words "belly dancing," the Hollywood image of a skinny woman scantily clad in a brightly-colored costume dancing before her master probably comes to mind. I Dream of Jeannie, anyone?

Fashion Forward

by Anna Gaynor
Photography by Andrea Ellen Reed
For many, the changing of seasons means one thing: a new wardrobe. Yet finding a look that will flatter and stand out can be challenging for even seasoned shoppers. Boutique owners from across Peoria are here to help.

Burning the Midnight Wax

by Karina Swank

Frustrated with black soot and burn marks in her candle jars, Stacy Hardin decided to make her own candles--now she makes thousands.

LifeLine Pilots

Five-hundred volunteer pilots have taken their passion for flying and channeled it into a passion for helping those with medical and humanitarian needs.

Take 10

You may recognize his face from his many years as sports director at WMBD-TV. You may know him as the “Voice of the Braves,” but did you know that Dave Snell hates asparagus?