art & society - nov/dec 2009

The Amber Aristocrat

by Jonathan Wright

"A noble libation, aged in oak casks and steeped as much in tradition as multi-layered flavor, whiskey takes time—time to make, and time to understand.”

’Tis the Season for Simplicity

by Melissa Wahl
Photography courtesy of Green View Companies & Michele’s Floral Events

Each year when the holidays roll around, our thoughts are preoccupied with all the decorations we need to buy to get the house ready for the season.

Peoria’s Whiskey Barons

by Brian Fox Ellis

Boasting over 24 breweries and 73 distilleries between 1837 and 1919, the “Whiskey Capital of the World” was an apt name for Peoria.

Take 10

Hugh Higgins is a man of many talents. You might have seen him on stage—in costume or strumming his guitar.