It Just Feels Right

Intuition. That “gut feeling” when something feels right…or not. Many personal and business decisions are made by relying on intuition. I’ve had the experience frequently enough over the years that I’ve learned to trust my instincts. Friends tell me they are amazed at how decisive I can be at times. I don’t feel the need to overanalyze or agonize over my decision to purchase new clothes, furniture or electronics, but rather, I select the item if it fits my body or budget. I go with it—it just feels right. Relying on my instincts didn’t happen naturally, though. Learning to trust them has taken years.

Sometimes articulating an idea or a dream is difficult to do by yourself. That’s when an outside consultant can serve a great purpose. Whether searching for advice on relationships, career choices or otherwise, a fresh perspective and a little distance can go a long way toward finding what can be so difficult to find on your own. Trained to listen well, consultants can help you discover the answers you are seeking simply by asking the right questions.

In this issue, we take a look at feng shui, the art of living in balance and harmony with your environment (page 10). It’s quite fascinating to me just how significant the simple placement and arrangement of our furniture and household items are in determining the comfort level of our space—both to our guests and to ourselves.

Feng shui consultants and life coaches can help guide our choices by examining the spaces in which we live and work. It is not surprising that clutter is the arch-enemy of the balance and harmony we strive for in our lives. I, too, have experienced the joy of release when that clutter is cleared away.

A special treat in this issue is a poem by Byron DeHaan, written specifically for the dedication of Preston Jackson’s magnificent Underground Railroad sculpture, “Knockin’ on Freedom’s Door” (page 16). A perpetual student and seeker of knowledge, Byron’s passion for life and desire for new challenges is an inspiration to all who know him. He describes the first step in his artistic process: spending time with Jackson in his studio—in the artist’s environment—observing and listening, to fully understand the statement behind the piece.

Local painter Vin Luong is also featured in this issue (page 18)—and that is his work on the cover. Like most artists, he employs a number of signature themes and symbols which pervade his work and create an indelible and personal stamp upon it. In regard to painting murals at different locations, he says, “The environment becomes the most important part of the creative process…” Vin, too, understands and appreciates this fact.

As we enter 2009, may we be conscious of our space in the world. How well we cope emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially with life is related to our own personal “chi.” (You may need to turn to page 11 for clarification of this term.) Honing our intuition and learning to trust our instincts can help determine if we are on the right path.

Happiness is when it just “feels right.” Happy New Year… a&s