art & society - jan/feb 2009

Vin Luong

by SuZan Severson
The son of a widely known Chinese painter, Vin Luong received an early introduction to art and technique from his father. He came to Peoria from Vietnam in 1987, destined to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Feng Shui

by Amy Groh
Photography courtesy of Savvy Solutions
Feng shui is a 3,500-year-old holistic art and science designed to support your dreams by creating space in your home, office, or yard that makes you feel good. It’s the art of living in balance and harmony with your environment.

Knockin' on Freedom's Door

On October 24th, “Knockin’ on Freedom’s Door,” a commemorative art piece created by sculptor Preston Jackson, was dedicated at the corner of Liberty Street and Jefferson Avenue, outside the Peoria Civic Center. Local poet Byron DeHaan penned the following poem for the historic occasion.

Local Tastes Better

by Gina Edwards
The villagers at La Ville de Maillet celebrated what the French call terroir, the concept that wine and food has a sense of place and embodies the unique tastes and flavors of the land on which it is grown. La Ville de Maillet is the home we now call Peoria.

A Breath of Fresh Air

by SuZan Severson
Throwing a party? Looking for something guests will still be talking about the next day? Why not rent an aromatherapy oxygen bar?

Splash Away

by Amy Groh
If winter’s cold weather sends chills down your spine and you can’t splurge on a trip to a remote tropical paradise, an indoor waterpark might be your family’s best bet this year.