art & society - nov/dec 2008

A Gem of a Gift

by Amy Groh
"Turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary celebrations” is what Mary Markovich of Gemstone Confections does every day.

Distinctive Sculptures

by Amy Groh
You’re familiar with sculptures of metal and clay, but what about sculptures of cake? At first glance, many don’t realize that these works of art are actually cakes.

Peoria Ballet Makes Its Move

by Sara Browning
Photography by Ching Zedric and Ned Neuhaus
Fantasy breaks free in a new state-of-the-art space for the Peoria Ballet.

Venue Blooms in Washington

by Jonathan Wright
Photography by Jeffrey and Julia Woods
Two school teachers and a husband-and-wife team are igniting the arts scene in this fast-growing community. 

Local Foods for the Holidays

by Gina Edwards
With the last farmers’ market tent packed away for the season, you might think your days of enjoying fresh, local foods are done for another year. But they’re not.

Joseph Lights Up the Stage

by Rasheite Radcliff
This is the 18th blockbuster year for Eastlight Theatre's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Plays that Make a Difference

by Douglas Okey
A true intellectual can understand the difficult terrain that lies between Doubt and Proof. Bob Gorg, at least, is counting on it.