take 10

Jim Ardis

Even before he began his tenure as mayor of Peoria almost one year ago, Jim Ardis was a familiar face around town as a six-year member of the Peoria City Council. Born and raised in Peoria, Ardis’ ascension to the office of mayor is just another step in his dedication to community service.

"I’m enjoying the opportunity to lead this very capable group of council members through what I believe will be a very important time for Peoria," he said.

There’s no doubt that he stays busy with his full-time professional and mayoral commitments and through his community work with organizations such as St. Jude and Haitian Hearts, but Ardis said his family is his central passion. “I love spending precious time with my wife and three children. My kids are all teenagers, and I know they’ll be off to college before I know it. My wife and my kids are my life, and I enjoy any time we can spend together in any activity.”

Catching him in a rare moment of down time, we manage to Take 10 with Mayor Ardis.

1 Three words that best describe me: Loving, loyal, competitive.

2 Most humbling moment: Experiencing mortality while watching my father leave this world.

3 Famous person, dead or alive, I’d like to meet: Jesus Christ.

4 Top pet peeve: Arrogance.

5 Favorite aspect of central Illinois: Down-to-earth, hard-working people with good values.

6 The one TV show I don’t usually tell people I watch: Everybody Loves Raymond.

7 Most impulsive thing I’ve ever done: Jumped off the roof of our two-story home, over a 10-foot span, onto the garage roof when I was about 10 years old.

8 Proudest moment: My wedding day.

9 Favorite splurge: Agatucci’s Pizza and a Bud Select. I’m easy to please.

10 My life won’t be complete until: I see my children’s children’s children (my great-grandchildren). a&s