Peoria Magazine: August 2021

by Rebecca Shulman, Peoria Playhouse Children's Museum

As an educational institution, we believe it is essential to visibly welcome and teach about diversity.

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Building Global Citizens

by Christopher Wilson, Peoria Academy

Through real-world challenges, children realize the world’s biggest problems can be solved by working together.

Pushing The Pedagogical Envelope

by Dean Cantù, Bradley University

The COVID-19 pandemic will serve as a catalyst for change in P-12 education for the foreseeable future. 

Re-Imagining Education

by Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, Ed.D, Peoria Public Schools

A new strategic plan will guide our students, families and staff for the next five years.

Dunlap Orchestra Builds the Tempo

by Kathryn Eissfeldt with Kratika Tandon

Rosemary Ardner is on a mission to put instruments in the hands of as many children as possible, as early as possible.


Debunking the Community College Myth

by Dr. Sheila Quirk-Bailey, Illinois Central College

Community colleges are no longer “the backup plan,” but a smart investment in your educational goals.

Reflections On the Past Year

by David Zimmerman, Tazewell County Board

The core mission of education remains the same… even in these constantly changing times.

River Charms Revealed

The inaugural Bridge-to-Bridge River Drive festival will take across four Illinois River communities this fall.


Rowing the River for Recovery

by Jonathan Wright

Crew 309 hopes to grow the sport locally while taking advantage of Peoria’s greatest asset: the Illinois River.

Soups of Summer

by Chef Golda Ewalt

Cold soups are wonderful to enjoy during these hot summer days.


Design For Good

by Alison Ferolo with Adeline Ferolo

Heather Ford explores collective consciousness through technology to create unique artistic experiences.

Reflective Noise

by Mae Gilliland Wright

Peoria will be visited this month by Uruguayan multi-disciplinary artist Marisa Bernotti.