Partnership Is Key to Maintaining a Strong Community

Strong businesses set the foundation for an even stronger community.

by Damon Piper, Heartland Bank
Damon Piper

Strong, vibrant communities benefit their residents in so many ways. A safe environment, a participative atmosphere, and ample opportunities for businesses to evolve and thrive are crucial components. But how do we set the stage to effectively serve our region? And who’s tasked with laying the groundwork and paving the way for progress? 

Well, as citizens we all have some responsibility. Individual participation—coaching a youth team, volunteering for causes you believe in, etc.—is important. But company involvement is essential, too. When professionals with different strengths and varied backgrounds share their talents and expertise, it reinforces just how intertwined businesses and communities really are.

Because commercial lenders work directly with local businesses, we understand the importance of making and maintaining connections. Lenders take pride in sharing knowledge with both new and established leaders, and we realize that strong businesses set the foundation for an even stronger community. Let’s look at a few ways lenders help their partners achieve growth and foster development.  

Stress Success
Your lender wants you to succeed! We’ll tap into strategies we’ve learned from working with others and share them to help you reach your goals. For example, we’ll: 

  • Connect you with industry experts: lawyers, accountants, realtors, mentors, etc. 
  • Meet periodically to listen to your concerns and learn how your needs are changing.
  • Recommend financial tips and products to help you move forward.

Get Your Growth On
Looking to branch out in your community, expand into a neighboring one, or offer a new service? Lenders are key to creating an action plan for growth. Maybe you’re a landlord looking to buy an additional building and you need to secure financing. Or perhaps you have a carpet cleaning business and want to offer water restoration, but you need to purchase the proper equipment. Providing businesses with resources to grow is just one way lenders can help make your goal of expansion or diversification a reality. 

Providing Products
Businesses need many tools to run smoothly, including a solid financial strategy. Reliable cash flow management systems are imperative, and lenders offer an assortment of products to keep funds flowing, such as online banking options, credit lines and access to working capital.

Over the past several months, the unprecedented COVID crisis has created many unique challenges for businesses. Lenders have assisted by processing PPP loans, offering payment deferrals, and extending credit lines to help increase cash flow. Our partners need to keep their companies up and running, and we’re committed to helping them be successful. 

The backbone of a strong community begins with a robust business environment. When companies support each other, their success impacts everyone who lives and works in the area. 

Damon Piper is senior vice president at Heartland Bank. For more information, visit hbtbank.comPM