Our Common Threads

This year's Easterseals Tribute celebrates the qualities, attributes and deep-seated values that tie our community together.

by Steve Thompson, Easterseals Central Illinois
A home visit made possible through video calling
In a year marked by uncertainty, divisiveness and social distancing, we invite the community to join us in rediscovering the power of connection.

For three decades, the Easterseals Tribute Dinner has honored the lifetime accomplishments, exemplary leadership and generous contributions of some of central Illinois’ most notable citizens. It has also been our single largest fundraising event. In a typical year, we would be inviting the community to join us for the annual event. This is not a typical year. 

Routinely drawing crowds of 800 to 1,200 people to the Peoria Civic Center, the Tribute Dinner was the very definition of a “large, indoor group gathering.” Seeking to pivot quickly, we looked for inspiration elsewhere. We didn’t have to look long or far.

This year, Easterseals families have stepped into new and expanded roles like never before. Parents become therapists, teachers and counselors—and a support network for each other and the broader community. As we observed these remarkable families, common values that tied them together began to emerge: the importance of family, friendship, love, joy and a relentless commitment to growth. 

This year, the Easterseals Tribute celebrates “Our Common Threads”—the qualities, attributes and deep-seated values that make us strong and tie our community together. These common threads, woven into the fabric of our community for generations, are indeed worth celebrating. In a year marked by uncertainty, divisiveness and social distancing, we invite the community to join us in rediscovering the power of connection, recognizing what ties us together, and renewing our commitment to pursuing the common good. 

What are these common threads? We invite you tell us at Eastersealscommonthreads.com. Pose the question to your friends, family and co-workers, and encourage them to do the same. Post answers on your social media channels using #OurCommonThreads. Other ways to help:

  • Visit the Peoria Riverfront Museum and enjoy the majestic view of the Illinois River framed by an original outdoor art installation by artist Heather Brammeier. Inspired by the artwork of Easterseals child ambassadors, this tribute to #OurCommonThreads is a great place to take a photo and share it with others. 
  • Tune in to WMBD-TV on Sunday, November 22nd to watch a special 30-minute broadcast of uplifting stories celebrating our common threads. 
  • Lastly, we have created some unique wearables including ties, scarves, socks and other items. These make great gifts for the holidays and a fun way to show your support!

For more information, to make a donation, or to purchase some cool threads, visit Eastersealscommonthreads.comPM