New Year, New Style!

What’s your home style for 2020?

by Lily Scalf, Ashley HomeStore
A modern home style living room set
A modern home style employs clean lines and focuses on simplicity and functionality.

Looking for a new style this year? Finding your perfect style can be overwhelming. Let us help! Take this quiz to see what your style personality is for 2020. Don’t think too hard—just trust your first instinct; it’s always the best choice.

1. What style of sofa do you like?
a) Leather with nailheads
b) Sleek lines and wood details 
c) Oversized and comfy 
d) Colorful
e) Tufted and streamlined
f) Your grandma’s

2. How would you like your home to feel?
a) Formal
b) Open/no clutter
c) Cozy and soft 
d) Colorful with some bling
e) Minimal
f) Eclectic

3. What is your favorite color?
a) Red 
b) Orange 
c) Black 
d) Blue
e) Wood
f) Pattern

4. Who is your favorite artist?
a) Monet 
b) Andy Warhol 
c) Georgia O’Keefe 
d) Keith Haring
e) Jackson Pollock
f) Frida Kahlo

5. What is your perfect flooring?
a) Wood
b) Marble
c) Tile
d) Concrete
e) Bamboo
f) Grass

6. What type of kitchen cabinets do you prefer?
a) Cherry and ornate 
b) Sleek, no handles 
c) All white with wood 
d) Pops of color
e) Bamboo
f) Who needs a kitchen?

7. Which do you prefer?
a) Pattern
b) Solids 
c) Both
d) All white
e) Color mixed with woods
f) Pattern mixed with more pattern

8. What’s your favorite flower?
a) Rose
b) Black lily
c) Daisy
d) Eucalyptus
e) Hibiscus
f) Floral wreath

9. Which do you prefer?
a) Dark colors
b) Black and silver
c) Bright neutrals
d) Bold colors
e) Golds and greens
f) Earth tones

10. What type of dining table would you prefer?
a) Ornate wood
b) Clean lines
c) Heavy and oversized 
d) Glass
e) Light with thin legs
f) Mix and match

11. What does your typical weekend look like?
a) Working
b) Partying with friends
c) Cooking 
d) Binge-watching Netflix
e) Napping all day
f) Thrift shopping

12. Where would you like to visit?
a) England
b) New York
c) Texas 
d) Hong Kong
e) Alaska
f) California

13. Which accent pillow do you prefer?
a) Tapestry covered
b) No pillow
c) Linen
d) Velvet
e) Leather
f) Pattern

14. Where do you prefer to read a book?
a) By the fireplace
b) On a chaise lounge
c) On the back porch
d) In bed
e) In a tree
f) In a hammock

15. Where is your ideal style of home?
a) Craftsman family home
b) Skyscraper
c) Farm 
d) The beach
e) Tiny home
f) Nowhere—I love to travel.

Find out what your style is below:

  • Mostly A’s: You have a traditional style. You love ornate details and dark, rich woods.
  • Mostly B’s: You have a modern style. You enjoy clean lines and focus on simplicity and functionality.
  • Mostly C’s: You have a farmhouse style. You enjoy comfort with bright neutral colors and vintage woods.
  • Mostly D’s: You have a contemporary style. You love what is trending at the moment, with high-tech architectural details resembling sculpture.
  • Mostly E’s: You have a Scandinavian style. You enjoy simplicity, minimalism and natural materials such as leather, wood and hemp. 
  • Mostly F’s: You have a bohemian style. You are very eclectic and enjoy mixing new and old. You also have a flare for color and pattern.

What’s your style for the new year? You may end up in between two styles, but that just means you can combine elements of both to create your ideal space! PM

Lily Scalf is an interior designer at Ashley HomeStore. To schedule a free in-home design consultation, visit