Hire a Mixologist!

A new business brings bartending and craft cocktail services to home parties and small events.

Dustin Crawford mixing drinks
Dustin Crawford mixing drinks at 2Chez

If you’re looking to serve cocktails for a special event, Dustin Crawford is happy to step in. His new business, Molecule – innoVintage miXology, brings bartending and craft cocktail services to home parties, small events, liquid lunches and pop-up events. 

Dustin Crawford at 2Chez

Crawford has been honing his craft for several years—first as a bartender at Oliver’s Pizza & Pub North, then as a barback at 2Chez. “I was introduced to the world of craft cocktails by Kostas Markesinis, the head mixologist there,” Crawford explains. “I started playing around with cocktails at home, which whetted my appetite. This led to reading books on the subject and following world-class mixologists on social media.”

In 2018, Crawford began bartending on Mondays and Tuesdays at 2Chez, and he’s been experimenting with cocktails ever since. As customers began to inquire about pop-up bars for bridal showers, home parties and other events, Crawford realized there was a need for these services in the market. Soon he hopes to partner with the Grindstone Group, a local marketing firm, in the old “33 Room” at the Pabst Brewery in Peoria Heights. 

“I hope to challenge myself to create a draw for world-class cocktails… that are still approachable,” he adds. “I would love to see the Peoria area become a destination for craft cocktails through competition and consulting.” For more information, visit moleculemixology.com. PM