Dr. Angela E. Moriarity

Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc.
Dr. Angela E. Moriarity

As vice president of human resources at Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. (ACH), Dr. Angela Moriarity is tasked with overseeing recruiting, training and safety, budgeting, employee recognition, software, licensing, benefits, personnel, onboarding and offboarding, and the medical operations team, among other areas. She is consistently nominated for a range of company awards, and this year she received the Collaboration and Leadership awards. 

Dr. Moriarity started her career at ACH while still in college as an intern in the human resources department. During her senior year, she began working full-time as a sales and business development administrative assistant and eventually transitioned to medical operations, learning about managing and scheduling practitioners. She maintained this position as she graduated, began her MBA degree and had children. 

When Dr. Moriarity began her PhD program, executives recognized her exemplary leadership skills and requested that she work for the executive team in a dual role over practitioners. When the corporate medical director left the company, she took on the responsibility of running the entire physician services department alongside the chief operations officer. Tasked with improving corporate culture, she ran an audit and created a new interview process to screen out people who lacked collaboration abilities and provided rating scales, metrics and an avenue for managers to openly share their opinions. 

Dr. Moriarity leads ACH’s charity programs, including the ACH Family Cares Fund, which provides financial assistance to employees who have experienced a devastating life crisis, as well as a range of corporate fundraising initiatives for St. Jude. In 2017, Dr. Moriarity was named HRO Today’s Chief Human Resource Officer of the Year for being a leader of distinction, and in 2018, she was recognized by the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce with the ATHENA Young Professional Award for her initiative in business, contributing time to improve the lives of others, and serving as a role model for other women. PM