New Creative Coworking Hub

Northwoods Mall is welcoming a new coworking space this month...

Mio Creative Coworking
Mio Creativo

Northwoods Mall is welcoming a new coworking space this month in the first-floor space next to Sears, previously occupied by Pearle Vision. Mio Creativo (“my creative” in Italian) was founded by Emily Britton-Arnold, a self-employed virtual administrative consultant. “It’s amazing working for myself, but I found that I don't get out of the house much and miss the cool culture that Peoria has to offer,” she explains.

“My goal with Mio Creativo is to truly serve startups by offering inexpensive membership options and places for people to grow. If someone wants to be a member forever, that's cool. But if someone has bigger ambitions, I want to give them a hand—and options to help them achieve their goals.”

The 4,400-square-foot hub will include a large coworking area in the front, a private phone room, book nook, art studio, craft room, offices and conference rooms, as well as a small event space. Members will enjoy free coffee, snacks, printing options, fast and secure Wi-Fi, keypad entry, and a kitchen with all the amenities.

A basic community membership runs $45 monthly; business memberships are $100 a month. Business members can reserve offices, conference rooms, the art studio and the craft room at no extra charge.

“Our goal is to build a creative community where people can meet and create!” Britton-Arnold says. For more information, visit PM