From Nuisance To Commodity

A new business founded by Brian Colgan hopes to solve two problems at once...

Asian Carp
Colgan Carp Solutions' mission is to provide a private-sector solution to Illinois' Asian Carp problem.

As Asian carp have invaded the Illinois River in recent years, concern has grown that they’ll infiltrate the Great Lakes as well. A new business founded by Brian Colgan, onetime chief of staff for former Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti, hopes to solve two problems at once: reducing the Asian carp population in the Illinois River, and providing bait to lobster fishermen in Maine, who have seen a sharp reduction in herring bait due to overfishing. 

Colgan Carp Solutions would serve as a conduit between local fishermen and lobster fishermen and build a carp freezing facility, possibly in nearby Havana. Demand from bait houses and fishing co-ops in Maine already exists, while other markets could soon make themselves known. “Our goal is to turn Asian carp into a sought-after commodity by modeling opportunities for entry into various markets,” according to Colgan. “Demand is all around us. From bait to fertilizer, pet food and human consumption… there are numerous entry points for Asian carp.” PM