Live in the River City

Peoria Music Live shines a light on the local music scene.

Peoria Heights Community Band
The Peoria Heights Community Band performs on stage at Tower Park in Peoria Heights. Photos courtesy of Peoria Music Live

A couple years ago, Kindall Nelson was having a hard time finding live music events in Peoria. After lengthy online searches, she would make lists of venues and artists as a reminder for next time. “One day I realized that if I had this much trouble finding music, others did too,” she explains. “And if I was going to go through all of this work, I should put it where everyone could benefit.” And thus was born Peoria Music Live (PML) in the fall of 2017. 

PML’s website and social media channels are updated daily with photos, videos and posts about local concerts. Every Thursday, Nelson posts a list of all the shows happening that weekend. “The first goal was just to get Peorians off their couches and out into the community,” she declares, adding that a well-promoted music scene offers ancillary benefits as well. “I believe that when people here start to get more excited… and start filling the venues, people from outside the area will come to see what all the fuss is about.” 

Besides providing an economic boost, area musicians also benefit from Nelson’s efforts. “Having a platform where I can help create an environment where artists feel valued is going to keep more artists in the area and improve the scene,” she explains. “I’m driven by my love for Peoria and its people—and I believe music makes peoples’ lives better—which is why I do this.”

While Nelson’s gig is a labor of love, she is seeking donations and sponsorships to sustain her efforts. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook @PeoriaMusicLivePM