A New Innovation Initiative

by Dr. Keith Knepp, UnityPoint Health – Peoria , UnityPoint Health – Peoria

“Innovation” is a word that's thrown around a lot in the healthcare industry, but true innovation is about more than cutting-edge technology or breakthrough treatments. At UnityPoint Health, innovation is our commitment to be a learning organization. It demands a culture that celebrates those who ask: Is there a better way?

That commitment is why we’ve launched an innovation initiative to realize the collective mindpower of our team members. The UnityPoint Health Innovation Center is a space for the inspired to develop breakthrough ideas that will make new processes, products, services and concepts a reality—all while helping people keep their health on point. It is an investment in our team members, our culture and our ability to create value for the people and communities we serve.

At UnityPoint Health, we strive to be the leader in central Illinois in care delivery, the care experience and convenience. Our team members have embraced innovation and submitted hundreds of great ideas that could radically transform the patient experience, making thousands of visits each year easier and more personal for the people we serve. 

An innovative idea can be something small, or something not so small that changes the game for those we care for. That’s why we’re focusing our early efforts on UnityPoint Clinic—because our clinics are the front door to our health system. It’s the place where people build long-term relationships with their care team and our brand. 

Our innovation team is open to any idea that makes us better. The people in our communities deserve an innovative healthcare partner whose top priority is their health and well-being. I’m looking forward to learning together and growing along with everyone else as we continue to cultivate a culture of innovation at UnityPoint Health. Who knows? The next idea could be the one we’ve all been waiting for. iBi

Keith Knepp, MD, is president of UnityPoint Health – Methodist and Proctor, UnityPoint Clinic – Peoria and ProHealth Medical Group.