Finding Solutions in Peoria

The Peoria office of Cyient—an international engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, network and operations management services company—recently moved into the historic Pabst building in Peoria Heights. The firm’s Industrial, Energy and Natural Resources business unit, which employs about 100 associates, is now called the Peoria Solution Center. 

“Cyient’s PSC supports all areas of delivery, from product engineering of mechanical system design, electronics, digital and the Internet of Things to physical product development,” explains Abhijit Sutraway, associate vice president. “The office upgrade includes an ‘experience center,’ which provides a full view of Cyient’s global capabilities and solutions, as well as an expanded electrical and electronics lab, which includes electrostatic discharge safe workstations, a 3D printing machine, and a mechanical prototype development area to develop and test new products.” 

The open-office layout also allows for an expanded team collaboration area to support innovative thinking, strategic planning and solution building. “Over the years, our strategy has evolved into providing technical expertise, domain knowledge and offerings that differentiate us as a design-build-operate-maintain [DBOM] partner who can fulfill greater needs and help solve problems that matter,” Sutraway adds. “This evolution… required investment in new tools, technology and a location that would enable us to showcase our global capabilities.”

The new lab also gives clients local access to Cyient’s end-to-end product development solution offerings. “We are able to provide new services and solutions from the PSC and continually invest in local engineering talent,” he explains. iBi