iBi - October 2018

by Lisa Ullenius

For three decades, this real estate development firm has continued to grow… in the Peoria area and beyond.

Sensory Secrets at Excalibur Seasoning

by Mae Gilliland Wright

On the south side of Pekin, a longstanding company produces seasonings, blends, marinades, spices and rubs for every aspect of manufacturing and production.

Vonachen Family Values

by Lisa Ullenius

This family-owned company has been cleaning and maintaining commercial businesses for over 50 years.

The Threat Of Cyber-Attacks On Small Businesses

by Noah Menold
Quinn, Johnston, Henderson, Pretorius & Cerulo

While it may be impossible to prevent all cyber-attacks, being prepared will allow for minimal business interruption and limit legal exposure.

Lease Lingo

by Katie Kim
The Kim Group

A quick walk through the basic language of commercial real estate…