Nick A. Yates

Caterpillar Inc.

Nick Yates is a senior pricing manager in the Global Machine Pricing Division at Caterpillar Inc., responsible for the development and implementation of Caterpillar’s Value Estimating Tool (VET), software which quantifies the value of Caterpillar equipment versus its competitors. He has created a highly productive work environment by seamlessly integrating the talents of a multicultural, internationally diverse team in a very dynamic marketplace. He is accountable for fostering the engagement of several internal divisions at Caterpillar, garnering support for his team and advocating for greater usage of the software globally toward the overall goal of increasing sales, revenue and profit.

When Yates moved back to Peoria four years ago, he saw all the great work of area charitable organizations, but wanted to be involved more directly with a cause he could see firsthand where the money was going and feel its impact in the community. He wanted to build Peoria into a better place, brick by brick, person by person—and that’s just what he did. 

The organization Yates created, Build Peoria, is all about “uniting the community through their love of the Peoria area to physically Build Peoria into a better place and leave a legacy for future generations.”

A guiding principle of its fundraising is to secure many small contributions, rather than large donations from a few. Shortly after the group’s inception, it hosted a chili cookoff to fund its inaugural project: a dog park in Peoria Heights. In just 16 weeks, the Duryea Dog Park went from idea to reality. In 2018, it held another successful fundraiser, using the proceeds to purchase and remodel a home for the Peoria Police Department’s Residential Officer Program.

Through his work as founder and board president of Build Peoria, Yates shows how much one driven person can do—and his enthusiasm has been infectious as he inspires the next generation to take pride in their community. He is also actively involved with the Village of Peoria Heights and the Peoria Heights Chamber of Commerce, and is always willing and eager to help connect charities and community groups. iBi