Influence Inside Team Peoria County

by Andrew Rand Peoria County Board,

The face of local government may be elected officialsboard and council representatives, sheriff, county clerk and coroner, for example—but there are a whole host of staff who are experts in their fields, leading our employees through challenges, opportunities and policy directives. I’d like to highlight a few of the women who embody the definition of leadership within Team Peoria County for this “Women of Influence” issue.

Shauna Musselman, Assistant County Administrator
Shauna became assistant county administrator in 2016 after holding various finance and human resources roles in Peoria County since 2001. In her current position, Shauna oversees Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS/PAWS), Heddington Oaks, Human Resources and Risk Management. She is the lead negotiator for all Peoria County union contracts and is a member of the senior management team that helps implement board directives. She was also named interim administrator of Heddington Oaks in May 2018, leading the facility through transition and into its partnership with OSF HealthCare. 

Monica Hendrickson, Public Health Administrator
An epidemiologist by education and training, Monica has been with the Peoria City/County Health Department for a little over six years. In her role as administrator, she focuses on fulfilling the department’s mission: “through the effective, efficient use of resources, we engage, educate and promote health, prevent disease and provide for a safe environment.” She is focused on supporting a healthy Peoria County through collaborative partnerships which recognize the importance of numerous factors: social economics, education, income, poverty and environment. These factors greatly impact not only the health of residents, but our ability to create a thriving Peoria County. 

Kathi Urban, Planning and Zoning Administrator
Kathi has been with our Planning and Zoning Department since 1998. As administrator, she is responsible for the full range of services it offers, including planning, code enforcement, building and development review, and administration of the floodplain management program. She has worked within the constraints of a diminishing budget to effectively organize, develop and implement the department's work program to meet the goals of the County Board; to recognize and facilitate beneficial change; and to create a development-friendly environment. She and her staff also serve as professional staff for the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Amy Benecke McLaren, County Engineer
Amy joined the Peoria County Highway Department in 1995 and was appointed County Engineer in 2011. As such, she oversees engineering services, fleet management and maintenance for the 315 road miles in the County highway network. Besides overseeing the department’s allocated budget, her staff aggressively goes after federal and state grant money for additional Peoria County projects. Amy works with homeowners and businesses on acquiring right-of-way and easements and regularly answers project questions from the media and public. She is also the point person for collaborative road and bridge efforts between cities and townships in Peoria County, as well as our regional government partners.

Bridget Domenighini, Director of PCAPS
After serving as shelter services coordinator at Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS), Bridget was appointed the shelter’s director in 2015. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of business, including animal control field services, shelter and volunteer management, and animal adoptions. Additionally, she focuses on public outreach and education to promote the shelter and its foster, transfer and spay/neuter programs throughout the community. As director, Bridget maintains the partnerships between PCAPS and local governmental agencies and private organizations, which allow the shelter to enforce animal control and welfare laws, promote responsible pet ownership, and ensure that every animal that comes to the shelter is given the best opportunity for a positive outcome following their stay. iBi