iBi - June 2017

Shaping the Construction Site of the Future

Big machines. Bigger data. Experts estimate five million new things are connected around the world every day. We’re talking watches, phones, cars and yes, even bulldozers. The future of the construction site is way more than just machines.

Time to Think Big

“America is one big pothole!” Though he does not repeat the famous soundbite in this issue’s guest editorial, former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood continues to sound the alarm: our nation’s infrastructure is facing a breaking point.

The Price of Upkeep

by Stevie Zvereva

Maintaining the status quo largely remains behind-the-scenes business… at least until disaster strikes. Then priorities shift quickly.

Mining a Port

by Jonathan Wright

An inland port project in Henry offers prime real estate for industry and the potential for long-term economic growth.

It’s Time to Build

by Ray LaHood
Building America's Future

Americans deserve to live in a country where they don’t fear the next dam breach, pipeline burst or bridge collapse.

The IT Needs of SMBs

by Tim Perry
Pearl Technology

All organizations reach a point when their IT infrastructure will need to be upgraded or rebuilt to stay competitive.

Location, Location, Location

by David Russell Anderson, Jr.
AndersonBloom + Associates, Inc.

Location and infrastructure go hand in hand… one influencing the other.