iBi - August 2017

by Jonathan Wright

Bradley University and Caterpillar Inc. team up with NASA to create revolutionary housing solutions for Earth and beyond.

Learning Through Play

by Rebecca Shulman Herz, Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum
Nellie Photography

Play empowers children to reinvent the world, while becoming lifelong learners, creators and citizens.

Communities of Change

by Brent Baker, Greater Peoria Economic Development Council

The initial success of Pathways is a promising demonstration of our capacity to embrace change to meet the challenges ahead.

Changing the Look of High School

by Chris Coplan and Barbara Drew, Peoria Public Schools

Peoria Public Schools is creating new pathways and expanding opportunities for real-world experience.

Making Smart Educational Choices

by Dr. Sheila Quirk-Bailey
Illinois Central College

Education after high school is needed to access jobs that provide family-sustaining wages.

Trends in the Learning Industry

by Pamela O’Neal and Sarah Harris
Association for Talent Development, Heart of Central Illinois Chapter

How to make learning “sticky” and attract the next generation…

Gamification for Adult Learners

by Pamela O’Neal
Association for Talent Development, Heart of Central Illinois Chapter

Employee performance and engagement can be improved by applying elements of gaming to the workplace.

Industry and Education at the Table

by Chris Kendall
Peoria Educational Region for Employment and Career Training

It takes multiple facets of industry and education to train and educate the workforce.