Hometown Haberdasher

Chris Alwan provides another option for male professionals who want to dress well but don’t have much time to go shopping or curate their closet. As a haberdasher, he specializes in helping clients find outfits for casual wear, business and special occasions with high-quality, made-to-measure clothing and off-the-rack tailoring.

Alwan opened his wardrobe consulting business, Matthew Mason Clothing, in 2007 and travels all over the country for consultations. “I go to people’s homes or offices and provide them with all their business casual and formal clothing,” he explains. “It’s a personalized, convenient experience for them.”

With over 20 years of industry experience, Alwan knows clothes. He sells suits in every price range for clients ranging from recent grads to mid-level associates to CEOs, and everything in between. He contracts well-known vendors for off-the-rack tailoring and with a shop in Jackson, Mississippi, for made-to-measure suits.

Alwan works with more wedding parties than he used to, he explains, as young men tend to prefer suits over rented tuxedos. He also helps clients transition to the slimmer fit that has taken over menswear. “The style now is to have everything very tastefully fitted and tailored,” he says. “We moved from the pleated pants to the flat front, and now it’s moved to an even slimmer fit.” Regardless the trend, Alwan wants clients feel confident in their style. a&s

Consult with Alwan by calling (309) 648-3585 or visit matthewmasonclothing.com.