A Taste of Mexico

Derived from the Nahuatl language spoken by the Aztecs, the word tianguis signifies a long-standing tradition in Mexican and Central American culture: the open-air marketplace. Held regularly in cities and rural areas alike, the tianguis offers basic staples like fruit, vegetables and clothing, as well as crafts, artisan goods, traditional cuisine and more—and it’s a place where community is forged and strengthened.

On Saturday mornings through September 30th, Tianguis Peoria promises to bring a taste of Mexico to Peoria’s Warehouse District with an eclectic assemblage of vendors and food stands at SW Adams and Pecan Street. Come for breakfast or lunch, browse the marketplace, and celebrate the region’s growing Hispanic community at Tianguis Peoria. Visit tianguis-peoria.com or facebook.com/TianguisPeoria for more information. a&s