Freshly Sown and Home-Grown

On a sunny Saturday this spring, I had the unique opportunity to ride “shotgun” in a planter, watching with interest as the farmer sowed his cornfields. With today’s high-tech gadgetry, each seed is planted at a precise depth, a specific distance apart, and I began to appreciate the pride felt in seeing those plants burst through the ground in perfect rows. I had never thought much about the “art” of planting, but that’s exactly what it was.

Magazines, like farmers, also live by the seasons. You may have noticed we tend to focus more on outdoor activities in the spring and summer—it’s natural to capture the distinctive atmosphere of the changing seasons. And what could be more emblematic of summertime than the freshest of home-grown fruits and vegetables?

For more than a decade, trends in the food industry have centered on our ever-increasing appetite for fresh ingredients and locally sourced foods. In reality, we’re just getting back to the basics—a return to the time before refrigeration and preservatives had us believing we could have anything we want, whenever we want. We can do that, but it comes at a price—and thus the push for local and organic, over processed and shipped.

Celebrate what’s in season,” declares Chef Golda Ewalt. “You can’t beat the flavor… and you need minimal preparation.”

I’ve always believed meals should be an experience… not just food to satisfy hunger cravings (though sometimes it needs to be just that). The best meal experience is not to be hurried, but savored with family and friends—and perhaps a glass of wine. It all begins with the freshest of ingredients, and summer is the perfect time to start.

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So take a deep breath and unplug for a moment. Enjoy the fruits of the season, and let the old Gershwin tune carry you away. “Summertime, and the livin' is easy…” a&s