New Looks for Autumn

It’s September again, and our thoughts naturally turn to the changing season. Back to school, cooler temperatures, autumn colors… I love fall décor and Halloween fun—perhaps even more than the winter holiday season. And while I might stress over costumes, now I know where to go if I need a professional makeover! Many thanks to the ladies at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, who collaborated with our team to show off a number of different “haunting” looks. Maybe you’ll find inspiration for your next costume right here!

Another collaborator was on hand that day—you’ve probably seen him around. The multi-talented Raphael Rodolfi of Videogénique can be found all over the Peoria area, shooting special events and telling the stories of local artists and entrepreneurs through video. Raphael shot three “how-to” videos at Tricoci—check them out on our YouTube channel ( and learn how to create your own cartoon nails, zombie bite or patchwork doll look.

Speaking of zombies and videographers… we also spoke with Kate Lavin of Lavin Production Company, whose Peoria-based zombie movie, Trail of Blood On the Trail, is making the rounds on the horror film festival circuit. While we can all be amateur videographers with our smartphones these days, Raphael and Kate are true professionals. The thought, talent, artistry and time that go into their work is simply incredible—and they’re both fun and easy to work with, to boot!

Elsewhere in this issue, we touch on a bit of Peoria history. I never knew the great actor Jack Lemmon was married right here at the Pettengill-Morron House! Check out Chris Lemmon’s tribute to his father, A Twist of Lemmon, coming to the Apollo Theatre in September—and learn more about the inspiration behind his one-man show in these pages. The always-remarkable Norm Kelly provides another blast from the past in his piece on Barry Cloyd, one of our area’s best-known talents. Check out a young Barry in the photos of his early-‘60s folk trio, The Forty-Second Street Auxiliary Choir.

We’ve also got features on Project 1612, a new exhibition space, and tattoo artist Tim Beck, whose Freedom Ink moves to the Warehouse District later this year, as well as our usual array of social scenes. Given the current state of government funding, these annual fundraisers mean more than ever to our local nonprofit groups, so please support their work in the community. Now, it’s time to start thinking about that Halloween costume. Enjoy the crisp, cool breeze and changing colors of autumn! a&s