art & society - may/june 2015

by Heather Swick

After a 30-year professional career, Joe McGuire spends his days guiding art classes, substitute teaching and capturing personalities through caricatures.

Get in the Spirit!

by Jan Wright

In this issue, we introduce readers to Joe the Art Guy, take you on a tour of local Mexican cuisine and the Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge, look at the new ArtPop Peoria initiative and the Time Gallery in East Peoria, and profile four local artists who use recycled or reclaimed materials in their art...

The Art of the Scrap

by Stevie Zvereva

Deriving new meaning in the hands of artists, “found objects” become threads for works anew, canvases for stories yet to be told. By drawing beauty from the scrap pile, these four Peoria artists prove that “reduce, reuse, recycle” can also be a fruitful formula for art.

A Gallery in the Sky

by Jonathan Wright

Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop. That’s the equation for a national program coming to Peoria this summer.

Creating a Sanctuary

by Stevie Zvereva
Photos by Dennis Endicott and courtesy of USFWS, Havana IL

Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge is a stopover for migrating birds and wildlife enthusiasts.

Take 10: Stacy Peterson

As communications specialist for the City of Peoria, Stacy Peterson can often be seen out and about, bringing a unique brand of whimsy to all that she does.