art & society - jul/aug 2014

by Leah M. Abel

Though some children have parents who can teach them all the ins and outs of the sport, many others never get that chance. Some grow up to become seniors, having never cast a line in their life; some are excluded because of physical disabilities or special needs. That’s where Hooked on Fishing comes in.

Uncorked Along the Byway

by Annie Locke

When musing over wine, many think of the long, storied history of the vineyards in the hills of Tuscany or the French countryside. But the Land of Lincoln reveals its own winemaking tradition along the Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway.

When Fish Fly

by Stevie Zvereva

This July, a timely, new festival will raise awareness about the fish everyone loves to hate.

Take it to the Grill

From fruit to pizza, fire up the grill this summer with five summer trends you won’t want to miss.

Creativity Catches Fire

by Bridget Baker

This August, IGNITE Peoria will light up the region with a shot of inspiration and imagination.