art & society - jan/feb 2014

Add some vintage elegance to dessert and wow your valentine with a time-tested treat from the recipe box of Jean Morron.

An Eagle Eye to the Sky

by Gabrielle Balzell

The national emblem of the United States since 1782 and a sacred symbol in Native American culture for centuries longer, the bald eagle is among nature’s most majestic creatures. 

Commemorating History Through Music

by Sara Browning
Photography by Elijah Sansom

Transcending racial and social boundaries, the Heritage Ensemble brings the rich musical literature of the African-American experience to people of all cultures.

Peoria Pride... A Cappella Style

by Sara Browning

The Peoria Barbershop Chapter continues a longstanding tradition of memorable ballads, folk songs and popular melodies.

Stand-Out Sweets!

by Gabrielle Balzell

Gourmet chocolates, old-fashioned candies, and other homemade confections a “taste” above the rest…

The More the Merrier!

by Teri Cook

Traveling as a group can be a fun, cost-effective way to explore the world with friends.